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Office Chair Evolution

Office Chair Evolution office chair furniture

Close your eyes and image you’re Charles Darwin – okay, okay we know that’s a bit of a stretch, but bear with us. You’ve traveled all around the world: observing, learning and collecting. At some point you have to sit down and examine what you’ve found. With specimens laid out across your study, you’re constantly getting up and sitting down, walking from one specimen to the other.


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Carry your Sales Tools in the!

Carry your Sales Tools in the!

When it comes to consultancy and product presentation, the furniture business can be tricky. After all, you’ve got hundreds of products, each with dozens of color, textile and modular configurations of their own. How in the world are you supposed to show your customers the thousands of combination possibilities that are available to them in one sitting?

Before, it might have simply meant that you had to make sacrifices, only showing a few combinations and configurations at a time. But thanks to our new, interactive sales app, those days are long gone!


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High-quality computer, low-quality display?

You’ve got a brand new computer with the newest technology and all the works. So, why isn’t pCon.planner working to its fullest, and why is the quality not up to standard? Fear not, you’re not alone, and it’s likely a quick fix!

High quality computer, low quality display? support pCon.planner


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Making the Sale – Creating Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings

Any real estate professional knows just how important floor plans are when it comes to finding and winning over prospective buyers. The last thing you want for a showing is to see the disappointment in your customers’ eyes when they realize the space is completely different than they imaged. Instead, you want to give them a clear visual of what they should be expecting.

Making the Sale   Creating Floor Plans for Real Estate Listings room planning pCon.planner floor plans


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Summer Right Outside your Door: Balcony and Terrace Ideas

Summer is here and the sunshine await you! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to head out the door and take a step into the fresh air. And what could be better than your own private balcony! If yours is looking a little drab and your hoping for some design ideas for your little oasis, then we’ve got you covered. We took it upon ourselves to search the web for a little inspiration and we’ve put together a few ideas for you — from an urban garden paradise to a relaxing lounge area, there’s something for everyone.


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Brand-conscious? Incorporate your logo into your renderings

A great deal of time goes into a rendering. From the idea and planning to the completed image, you could end up spending hours, days or even weeks on such a project. Wired on coffee, highly concentrated and with a nervously-shaking foot, you shift tables and change light settings until finally… the finished product for your customer presentation or website shines on the monitor in all its glory. Now only one thing is missing: your logo.


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Configurable Storage with Bruynzeel

Configurable Storage with Bruynzeel configurator bruynzeel

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Storage is often overlooked, pushed to the background of many renovation and design projects. Truth be told, what we store actually deserves our utmost attention. After all, we wouldn’t be storing it in the first place if it wasn’t of some importance. From user manuals and personal items to the storage of fine art collections and archives, storage systems are essential in maintaining the integrity and condition of the items being stored away.


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Connect lines, but not forever!

Do you use the polyline tool in pCon.planner? Then we’ve got a tip for you today!

Say you create a line in planner and, at some point, you place a second line at the end of the first. Generally, the second line will automatically snap to the first polyline, merging the elements to form one polyline. This is in fact a very useful tool for many applications.

Connect lines, but not forever! room planning pCon.planner construction


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A Match Made On Campus

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The best ways for a company to thrive is to develop and maintain strong relationships. These strong relationships allow you to form strategic partnerships, which can lead to more opportunities for each other. One of EasternGraphics oldest and most prosperous relationships is practically right next door to the headquarters here in Ilmenau.


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pCon.planner 7.3 Auto-Update is activated!

As of today, users of all versions of our interior design software can get the new features of pCon.planner 7.3 via AutoUpdate. How? Just click “Update now” when starting pCon.planner the next time. Why? Because there are great new functions … more…

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