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Present 3D objects on the Web

In early November 2014, we introduced you to our online presentation service. Due to its simplicity and ease of use Impress is a true all-rounder when it comes to presenting. In addition to images, panoramic views, videos, download tile and the PDF files Impress can also represent 3D objects interactively. Today we would like to look more closely at this issue.
example presentation Impress more…

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Simply change room settings

In Germany windows and doors as well as many other products match the DIN standard. International standards however are very different. Which defaults your planning has to meet, you can now determine by yourself…

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Publishing and sharing media on the web

In our post from the 27th of November we introduced possibilities to present your planning with the aid of pCon.planner. Today, we would like to show you how to upload different media from the Media Box into the web and send it to an arbitrary number of recipients afterwards.

Present planning scenes on the iPad


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Online help now available in German and English

From now on the online help of pCon.planner 6.4 is available in German and English. In seven chapters you are going to find all important information concerning both, the free and the commercial version of our 3D design software. Besides, … more…

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Pictures, videos, 3D models: Diverse ways to present your plan

pCon.planner offers a lot of possibilities for presenting plans

That the appropriate presentation of plans plays an important role is surely undisputed. While we developed our 3D design software we have been especially concerned about the types of media that are important to the user and allow him to present and manage his planning in the best possible way.

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Presenting projects part 3

Today we would like to show you in a short video how to put the finishing touches to your planning by using different light settings. Therefore, we exemplarily created three renderings of one planning scene.

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EasternGraphics-News Issue 4/2011

The current EasternGraphics news are dealing with two major issues. On the one hand, we are taking look at the significant improvement of the rendering quality in pCon.planner 6.4. The 3D design software supports a new concept for rendering photorealistic … more…

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Presenting Projects Part 2

In the first part of this short series we explained the fundamental differences between the profiles standard and photo in the Media Maker.
In this second article on the topic of creating renders with the 3D space planning program pCon.planner we are going to explain some distinctions between pre-set photo-profiles. more…

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What are materials?

An important element, if not the initial point of every succeeded planning and its visualization is the application of the appropriate material. In a short series we would like to give you some background information on this topic. In the first post we want to explain to you what a material in pCon.planner is, where you can find materials and how you can assign them properly. more…

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Different rendering modes in pCon.planner

In pCon.planner, six different rendering modes can be used for real-time planning. On the basis of an example, I am going to show you how these modes are able to affect the rendering and how they can be characterized.

Different render styles can be chosen

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