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These Services are provided for professional use and are highly available. You may use them either directly or via an iframe.

Note. The initial speed/availability of the Services depends on the network bandwidth which, in some cases, may be pretty slow...

W-3DV - A Basic Online 3D Viewer

This Service, pCon.viewer Basic, provides the Web-integrated rendering of 3D objects in various formats.

Service Description

W-CATALOG - A pCon.catalog Front End

This Service provides an integrated front end to pCon.catalog that supports multiple servers that may even use different protocols.

Service Description

W-CATICON - A Random Catalog Icon Viewer

This Service accesses the available Catalogs and provides them at random.

Service Description

W-PLAYER - A Presentation Player

This Service can process and present EOX Presentations, e.g. created by W-UPLOAD. An EOX Presentation is a sequence of various media objects such as images and 3D Web scenes.

Service Description

W-PORTAL - A Portal Front-End

This Service, pCon.portal, provides a front end to pCon user services, such as Presentation and Contact management.

Service Description

W-SHOP - A Basic Online Configurator

This Service, Online Configurator, provides an integrated access to Catalog, Configuration and Basket functionality.

Service Description

W-UPLOAD - An Upload Service for 3D Online Data

This Service, pCon.portal Upload, provides a simple, later on advanced functionality to upload (3D) Plannings and/or create Presentations that are available online then.

Service Description

W-VIEWER - An Enhanced Viewer

This Service, pCon.viewer Pro, provides an enhanced viewer based on a pCon.portal Presentation Repository.

Service Description


The following Prototypes are not provided for Commercial Use. Don't distribute them. Use at your own risk.
All is implemented according to the O3D License, which, as such, is part of the packages and referenced in any of our own files.

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